Partners and collaborators

Atmonia is a startup company founded within the University of Iceland. Atmonia is working on developing a revolutionary, sustainable process for ammonia production for fertilizers, from air and water, with no carbon dioxide release.

Grein Research provides thin film processing and coating technologies for industrial applications and development projects as well as providing materials analysis services.

UINC and Innovation Center Iceland collaborate on numerous research projects and access to research instrumentation.

UINC is part of the Nordic Nanolab Network, a collaboration network formed by the national research infrastructures for micro- and nanofabrication in the Nordic countries.


The BioMedical Center (BMC) of the University of Iceland is an official collaboration between research groups working in biomedical molecular life sciences and is responsible for facilities and equipment for molecular biology research at the University. UINC collborates with the BMC on research projects and sharing of instrumentation access within the University.






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