Research topics

Magnetic materials
Snorri Ingvarsson, Unnar Arnalds, Friðrik Magnus.
Several different resarch projects on the magnetic properties of materials, thin films and nanostructures are ongoing at the University of Iceland. These projects include work on understanding the crystalline anisotropy inherent in magnetic materials, investigations on coupling in multilayered magnets and on artificial spin ice systems.

Transition metal oxides and nitrides
Friðrik Magnus, Unnar Arnalds, Jón T. Guðmundsson.
Nitrides and oxides based on transition metals have a vast range of properties ranging from catalytic activity, use as hard coatings, and exhibit structural, metal insulator and optical transitions.

Gate dielectrics for SiC devices
Einar Sveinbjörnsson.
The project concerns growth and characterization of novel dielectrics for use in SiC power MOSFET transistors.

Corrosion resistant and tribological materials and coatings
Friðrik Magnus, Unnar Arnalds, Arni S. Ingason.
Thin film coatings provide a means for drastically altering the properties of materials and objects. Films of only a few nanometer thickness can provide increased hardness, corrosion resistance or alter the optical properties of components affecting their lifetime and creating new possibilities in industrial applications.  

Plasma physics
Jón T. Guðmundsson.

Mössbauer spectroscopy
Hafliði P. Gíslason, Bingcui Qi.
Application of 57*Fe emission Mössbauer spectroscopy (eMS) in collaboration with the ISOLDE facility at CERN allows the study the intrinsic and defect-induced exotic electronic, magnetic and structural properties of the transition metal based nitride and oxide thin films fabricated at the University of Iceland.

Researchers and staff

Dr. Unnar Arnalds
UINC coordinator
Science Institute
Thin film physics, magnetic materials, magnetic nanostructures, correlated oxides.

Prof. Einar Örn Sveinbjörnsson
UINC board
University of Iceland
Semiconductors, SiC and GaN, dielectrics.

Kristján Jónsson
Laboratory engineer
Science Institute

Prof. Snorri Ingvarsson
University of Iceland
Magnetic materials and applications, soft magnetic materials.

Prof. Hafliði Gíslason
University of Iceland
Solid state physics, semiconductors.

Prof. Jón T. Guðmundsson
University of Iceland
Plasma physics, magnetron sputtering, HiPIMS.

Dr. Friðrik Magnus
Science Institute
Magnetic thin films, amorphous materials.

Dr. Sveinn Ólafsson
Science Institute
Hydrogen in materials, thin film growth.

Dr. Bingcui Qi
Science Institute
Solid state physics,
semiconductors, Mossbauer spectroscopy.




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